My Lync Team

Teamwork is very important in a Lync deployment.

Until I confirm whether or not I can actually publish actual names, I will no mention names, but give a brief rundown:

PABX Engineer

Whilst PABX Engineer may not be anyone in particular, he is a key player.  He sends me calls in a co-existance enviroment and he gives me configurations in a forklit scenario.  Without PABX engineer life would be very difficult.

Project Manager

Whilst we all think we can tie our projects together and set timelines and stick to them, Project Manager is another important member of the team.  Project Manager ensures timelines are met, the required resources are available and makes sure all parties involved are able to deliver on time.

Gateway Vendor Person

This may just merely be a supplier in most cases, but we have an actual Gateway supplier person, the individual who takes a set of requirements and combines it into a configuration suiteable to the needs of the project and the requirements of the client.

End User Trainer

End user trainer is as valuable as any other member of the team, if not even more important.  End user trainer brings the magic that is the experience of using Lync to our users.  Once trained our end users are equipted with the tools to truly make their experience with Lync magical.

Endpoint device supplier

No lync deployment is complete without handsets and headsets and Endpoint device supplier is key to our success.  Whether they are assisting with Demo/Loan units or doing a demo for our clients on the endpoints, no deployment is complete without them.

Gateway Engineer

Another key member of the team is Gateway Engineer.  Without Gateway engineer the dark deep hole that is talking to the PABX/PSTN network can be rather daunting.  Gateway Engineer makes the pain go away and rainbows appear!

Microsoft Licensing Vendor

Without the right licensing going down the path of a full blown Unified Communications deployment with Lync could be a problem.  Microsoft Licensing Vendor does the number crunching and ensures the client has the correct licensing for the job.


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