Current Lync Projects

I am going to list my current projects in alphabetical order:

I am rather excited about the prospects of these projects as well as the scale and depth of these deployments.
Five of the companies I am listing form part of a greater group, creating a potential footprint of allmost 8000 users.
I am excited on these projects due to the depth of federation and communication I hope to establish between these various entities.

Company A – On hold pending WAN Link Fibre Installation


A 90 user holding company, running all lync servers in the cloud, with a gateway and an SBA onsite.  Users will be using a mix between Jabra Headsets and Polycom devices.


1.  Initial Lync Server deployment in the cloud. – Completed

2. 20 User devices and gateway deployed onsite, as well as the operator attendant. – Completed

3. Move all services to the gateway, deploy all devices and decommision the pabx.

Company B


A 600 user company, saw lync in action at our offices and liked the idea.  Having just spent on upgrading their 95 user callcentre to VOIP and wanting to keep the investment, we are deploying a gateway and leaving all external PSTN breakouts on the PABX for the time being.  450 users will be moved to the Lync system and all regional branches’s pabx’s removed.  Where deemed necesarry SBA’s will be deployed in the regional branches with a minimal PSTN footprint in the form of a BRI or two as required.


1.  Handset/Headset Testing – Completed – Polycom CX300’s to be used, as well as Jabra Mono Headsets for Switchboard operators

2. End user devices ( headsets and handsets ) to be deployed in the main branch along with a gateway. – Completed

3. Move all branches across to the Lync system and decommision all regional pabx’s. – Pending

Company C


An international company with a fairly large operations office in Gauteng, is deploying Lync across their entire operation worldwide.


1.  Initial Lync POC, which includes a gateway on loan, as well as a variety of end user devices was deployed and tested. – Completed

2. Mass End User training commenced on Thursday 29 September – Completed

2. All quotations for devices, gateways, certificates and hardware have been submitted and are pending approvals.

3. Network planning and QOS sizing – Currently underway.

3. Move 300 initial users over to the Lync system. – Pending

4. Currently unknown – Pending the initial deployment the client will advise on the next part of the project.

Company D – Initiation underway


A 2500 user network, spanning the country as well as having a footprint internationally is waiting to see the outcome of Company A listed above’s deployment.  Upon completion company D will commence the planning and scoping phase.

1.  Initial 50 User POC Deployment with Polycom Devices and mobile clients ( XYNC ) for iphone using execs. – Underway

Company E


A 4000 user network consisting of 5 different companies, which I work for.  Our deployment has been running for about 7 months now with a minor footprint of about 50 users using all the capabilities of the system, with a further 1000 users having PC to PC functionality only.

Further deployment is pending and will be decided on a per company and department basis

Company F


A 3000 user network company spanning various parts of the country is preparing for an initial deployment of Lync.  The success of the deployment at Company A will determine the scale and depth of the deployment at this company.

This company is pending.

Company G

A non-profit medical research institution approached us to take their initial “test” lync deployment onsite at their head office into a “live” POC.
1.  Additional Lync Frontend and Edge Servers where deployed in their central datacentre and exposed to the internet, to give users the full lync experience.  User uptake and experience has been phenominal and full deployment is expected once the POC is completed at the end of this year.


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