6 comments on “Exchange 2007/2010 Cross Forest Free Busy – Updated

  1. Actually, I don’t need to do that last line about export-autodiscoveryconfig if I’m using DNS instead of SCP right?
    So in the below line:
    Add-AvailabilityAddressSpace -ForestName domain2 -AccessMethod PerUserFB -UseServiceAccount $true

    What service account is it trying to use for the “-UseServiceAccount $true”?

    • Hello Greg.

      You can skip the export-autodiscoveryconfig if you are using DNS, correct, as long as autodiscover.yourdomain is present or can be resolved.

      The “-UseServiceAccount” uses the local availability service account for authorization.

      Hope this helps

  2. I got it working a couple days later, but it was definitely a troublesome process. To get it to work from domain1 (exchange 2010) to domain2 (exchange 2007), I had to use a designated service account with the credentials switch even though there is a trust in place.
    add-availabilityaddressspace -forestname domain2 -accessmethod peruserfb -credential $creds

    And then in addition to that I had to use the add-adpermission line to grant rights to the service account within domain2 even though it had domain admin priveleges. Very odd, but it finally began working.
    Within domain2:
    Get-ClientAccessServer | Add-AdPermission -AccessRights ExtendedRight -ExtendedRights “ms-exch-epi-token-serialization” -User “domain2\serviceaccount”
    That requirement never turned up in any of my research, but it seems to have done the trick.

  3. I’ve also recently stumbled across the Set-AvailabilityConfig and Get-AvailibilityConfig commands. But I haven’t read anywhere that you should have to do any configurations within these commandlets to get things to work. Have you had any experience with these commands?
    This link seems to say that you have to perform this step for cross forest availability to work properly.

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